Specialist Printing

Also know as thermography, raised printing or ‘high-build’, Pivot Press has years of expertise and is one of very few print houses still offering this option in-house. Commonly used on business cards, labels and packaging, we are happy to advise what will work best with regard to substrates and other processes.

Letterpress printing:
There has been a definite renaissance of this very old print form in which the printed image is debossed / pressed into the paper or card using a metal block. Pivot Press is one of the few printers still offering this option. The process is ideally suited to high-end corporate stationery, business cards and wedding invitations. Choice of paper or card and careful preparation of artwork is all important and we are happy to offer our expertise in consultation with designers.

Innovative processes:
Much of our success and reputation is based on our willingness to experiment with new and interesting processes, drawing on our expertise over many years in the industry in our quest to create something unique and beautiful. Being small is a great advantage as this allows direct contact between the designer, the client liaison and the press operator who will ultimately be running the job.

Post-press work: Pivot Press is known for its superior foiling, embossing and die-cutting, which are all done in-house. We rely heavily on our team of highly experienced operators, while the blocks and dies are made by trusted suppliers with whom we have forged strong relationships.

Our UV varnishing (spot and overall) and laminating is outsourced to experts in these processes with whom we have strong relationships and who understand our quality requirements.